Helping you and your business to navigate through the world of Finance.

Why “Nimble”?                               

In the current post Covid-19 environment, we appreciate that our clients need their financial data at their fingertips, to make informed decisions about their business’ future.            

This therefore requires us, as business advisors to be reactive to the changes in the environments around us, to not only provide the best outputs to our clients, but also provide informed business advice for their decisions.                    

With that, Nimble was born. This adequately explains our aims as a practice, and our commitment to our client base, and the wider community which we serve.                                                    

About the Founder and Managing Director – Daniel Lewis:                                   

Having worked in professional practice for the last 6 years, engaging with clients of all sizes from FTSE listed PLC’s, to National household names, and small owner managed businesses, I have been exposed to the entire spectrum of accounting and business advice.    

Being born and bred in Gloucestershire, and having recently purchased a house in the county, it seems like the appropriate place to set up practice. The county, and the wider south west region is home to many aspirational entrepreneurs, whom simply don’t have the correct advice to enable them to succeed.    

As both an Accountant and more widely a business advisor, I make it my priority to connect with all key individuals across the business. It goes without saying that this starts at board level, but to gain a deep understanding of how the business works, runs and succeeds it needs to go deeper than this. The detailed understanding gained, allows for a provision of services which are tailored to individual circumstances, goals and future plans.   

My main aim is to make accounting and business advice both accessible and useful for all. I have seen countless instances where “issues” have been swept under the carpet only to come out 6 months+ down the line. That is the main reason for a lack of trust with the profession in general, and is something I want to change.

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